Expertise & convenience

We see ourselves as being a premium service provider and a one-stop-shop for national and international tax law, the complete range of accounting from financial to payroll accounting to annual financial statements, financial advisory services and expert appraisals.

We offer our services on an individual and customised basis to whatever extent required.

Our offer is aimed towards small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as sole proprietor businesses, freelance professionals, associations, organisations, bodies under public law, private clients and companies to resolve national and international tax disputes.

For services which extend beyond our own wide range of services, we are happy to draw on the advice of professionals in our network of experts, lawyers and notaries. Due to its membership of leading international associations, Kanzlei Kleiner Eberl Brandstätter Steuerberatung GmbH has excellent contacts with experts all over the world.

For your personal tax-related comfort, and in order to spare our local and international clients from far and wide any unnecessary inconvenience, we are pleased to offer, upon request, the option of sending documentation directly via mobile phone or via a scanner provided by us. Our employees are also able to provide their services at your place of business.

Our executive director, Dr. Fritz Kleiner and Silke Brandstätter (MA, Law) and Nikolaus Eberl (MA, Law) will gladly offer to meet you in person.

Our services:

  • Tax consulting: national and international tax law
    Tax consulting, representation and support in fiscal criminal proceedings and proceedings subject to tax law, direct contact with tax authorities, tax audits, legal assistance, liability matters, voluntary disclosure of tax irregularities to avoid severe penalties, value added tax, advice regarding national and international business and optimisation, reorganisation, the compilation of business plans, financing and financial support; Tax consulting and implementation of international business activities and/or foreign locations, advice on and implementation of mergers & acquisitions, advice on tax optimisations and valuations, advice on the setting up of foundations, advice on company successions and/or wealth successions, advice on the purchase, sale and transfer of property and real estate, national and international dispute resolution in tax matters.
  • Accounting: Digital financial accounting, cash based accounting, annual financial statements
    Financial accounting, monthly and annual cost accounting, annual financial statements, bookkeeping and financial reports, profit assessments, cash based accounting, net income accounting, tax returns, payments transactions, dunning, and much more.
  • Payroll accounting and GPLA wage and salary audits
    Payroll accounting, wage accounting, monthly wage and payslip accounting, travel costs, time sheets, assessments for service providers, contractors and authorities, calculation of personnel-related provisions such as severance, holiday time, compensatory time credit, statutory holiday and Christmas bonus, semi-retirement and fringe benefits, advice on the optimum configuration of employment relationships and employment contracts, the termination of employment relationships, support with GPLA wage and salary audits, audits by the financial authorities, local health insurance schemes, municipal authorities, and much more.
  • Expert reports
    Company valuations, property valuations, expert reports for the areas of the stock market, banking, cost accounting, management accounting, calculation, operating income statements, bookkeeping, financial reporting, annual financial statements, payroll accounting, tax consulting, company valuations, company planning, investment planning, financial planning, cost planning, liquidity planning;  private expert reports, expert appraisals and much more.
  • Business consulting
    Restructuring & reorganisation, operational and sector comparisons, asset planning, cost accounting, advice on company acquisitions and sales, investment calculation, financing, negotiations with banks, company valuations, financial planning, forecasts, and much more.
  • New business consulting and start-up service
    Start-ups, one-stop-shop for formalities surrounding new business start-ups, choice of optimum company structure, partnership agreements, commercial law, social insurance, negotiations with banks including collateral and interest, and much more.